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Forever Me Gifts incorporates the latest in laser engraving, cutting and computer technology, meticulously engraving almost anything with amazing detail. The items we can design and create are limitless, personalized unique gifts and keepsakes to enjoy and cherish for a lifetime.  We have access to several thousand products that caters to the executive, business and corporate divisions.

Laser Engraving

The Epilog Fusion is a new concept in laser engraving system design with a 40” x 28” engraving area, one of the largest on the market.  We’re proud to say it is 100% designed, engineered and built in the USA.  How does the process work, Laser engraving produces a permanent, crisp, highly detailed mark, engraving images at up to 1200 dots per inch allowing us to achieve the highest quality engraving on the market. Even at the highest speeds our laser will etch with the highest precision, a highly detailed mark that can be very deep or light depending on the desired goal. The engraving quality is unmatched for reproducing graphics, photos and more. The best way to describe how our laser works is to compare the system to your printer. Using similar technology, we take the images you typically print to paper, but instead we fire a CO2 laser beam that engraves and cuts your design on a wide variety of materials. The process of engraving is permanent it will not scratch or rub off, the detail created from our laser beam is astonishing, finer than the human hair; it engraves the most important details with incredible precision.

Dye Sublimation

Dye Sublimation is a digital printing technology that enables the reproduction of colorful images on some of the most innovative substrates making it an ideal choice for creating one of a kind personalized items.  It delivers beautiful and permanent colors that are embedded into the substrate rather than printed on the surface. The end result of the sublimation process is a nearly permanent, high resolution, full color print. Because the dyes are infused into the substrate at the molecular level, rather than applied at a topical level, the prints will not crack, fade or peel from the substrate under normal conditions; creating the most unique gifts and keepsakes with incredible detail, depth, clarity and color. We offer ChromaLuxe Panels, the world’s leading manufacturing brand of print media to create the most vibrant, durable and longest lasting photo medium in the world. ChromaLuxe provides the ultimate image vibrancy, dimensionality and rival any photographic product,  making them the number one photo medium in the current world market today.  Available in wood, metal (many shapes, designs, sizes) and table top panels, the high definition, vibrant colors coupled with superior fade, moisture, stain and scratch resistant properties make ChromaLuxe an excellent choice for commercial, fine art and home décor applications.


Policies, Refunds/Exchanges, Additional Policies

Due to the nature of our business we do not send proofs for every order, as this greatly slows the production time for orders, we will gladly provide a proof by request only.  Certain items such as word collages will always receive a design proof.  If we have difficulty contacting you, this may delay your lead time.  Please note that items may turn out different than the example photos due to natural variances in the grain/coloring of wood that we cannot control, including stain and/or paint colors that may appear differently on your monitor/electronic device than they actually are.

(Cancellation Policy) Because each product is personalized, customized, designed and made to order we do not accept exchanges, refunds or cancellations, understandably these items cannot be resold. Orders may not be cancelled after 2 hours of ordering, we process orders promptly for completion. We Orders may not be cancelled at any time because you want to receive it sooner than the posted ship date.

We value each and every one of our customers, we ask all items to be inspected upon arrival.  Should any damage occur, we will glady replace it and will file a claim with USPS, proof of damage is required by photo of items/box and must be reported to us within 72 hours of delivery.  When Shipping to the Gift Recipient – We do not include an invoice in our shipments, all invoices are emailed to the address on your account. If you are sending your order as a gift, please be sure to let the recipient know they are to be receiving a package, or please request a gift note to be included with the order. Due to privacy concerns, we do not give out information about who ordered the item if the recipient contacts us.

Undeliverable Packages – If a package is returned to our shop for any reason, there will be a charge to send the package again. UPS charges a fee to return packages. This fee will be billed to the customer before the order is resent. Also, if an incorrect address is included on the order, there will be a $12.00 charge to cover the cost we incur from UPS this is what they charge, to correct an address.

Other Notes:  We reserve the right to use an image of any item that is produced by us for you (personalized or not) as an example image for a listing.  Anything we create is our intellectual property.  All content, images, designs and products are copyright © and trademarkForever Me Gifts.

We hope you enjoy your personalized gift as much as we enjoy making it.  As Always, Thank for your business!