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About Us

About Us

We have combined two popular methods to personalize almost anything with great detail, depth, and clarity. (1) Laser engraving and cutting with amazing precision that will not rub off, or fade as it etches into the material.  Dye Sublimation is where we take a photo, logo or message and molecularly transfer ink into a material at very high resolutions that is just breathtaking to see as it becomes part of the substrate.

“We bring creative visions to reality and ideas to life” 

We are located  in northern Kentucky and specialize in laser engraving. We understand the importance of high quality engineering, excellent customer service by creating one of kind products laser engraved to perfection on quality materials.  We love what we do and do what we love, everyday. Jeff having many years in business, a true researcher, perfectionist, known for persistence has spent much time researching laser engraving products, their capabilities, he is a true craftsman with a vision. Sheila having 30 years experience as a designer has good eye for product design, color schematics, material elements and creativity, is great assisting client’s with design projects/concepts. Forever Me Gifts has a large product market allowing us to offer some of the most creative, innovative products available.

We like to create a special gift that you will remember forever…

Our strong work ethics, unparalleled customer service goes hand in hand with our state of the art machines. They are fascinating to watch, no matter how many times I see them run its captivating every time, they can laser the smallest of details.

Our video shares a little more about us, our services and what we do, please be sure to check us out on both Amazon and Etsy.

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